King Bullfrog is an amazing duo who continually entertain young audiences with a great mix of original and classic songs with their own twist. They keep 200+ kids of all ages, together with their parents, grandparents, and caregivers, singing and dancing the whole way through their ribbiting set.
— Boogie Babes concert series, Washington, DC

KING BULLFROG is a high-energy acoustic duo playing folk, blues, and original music for children and their grownups.

Featuring Mr. Jeremiah and Mr. Steve—both Capitol Hill-based dads and music teachers—the duo's roots-and-blues tunes are carefully tailored to get children dancing while delighting grownups—an approach that successfully hooks audiences young and old. With their musical stories, amusing wordplay, and close attention to all of their audiences, King Bullfrog has the magic touch to engage children and their grownups.